FÓRUM ECONÔMICO ESPORTE FITNESS – Inovar é um olhar diferente que aliado a criatividade produz resultados


Na ultima década as soluções criadas e desenvolvidas na indústria do esporte foram enormes, de tecidos inteligentes, equipamentos amigáveis, suplementos alimentares, os mais diversos aplicativos para acompanhamentos de treinos, nutrição, surgiram academias modernas, facilidades de treinamento disponíveis em condomínios e empresas, equipamentos instalados em praças públicas, estes são somente alguns dos exemplos que contribuíram para aumento de praticantes de atividades físicas indoor e outdoor em nosso país.

Estão todos convidados a conhecer um pouco do que é o Prêmio de Inovação Tecnológica, Esporte, Saúde e Lazer, e as inúmeras oportunidades associadas….

*** Maiores informações: https://www.premioinovacaotecnologica.com/

In the last decade the solutions created and developed in the sports industry have been huge, made of smart fabrics, friendly equipment, food supplements, the most diverse applications for training follow-ups, nutrition, modern gyms have emerged, training facilities available in condominiums and companies, equipment installed in public squares, these are just some of the examples that contributed to the increase of practitioners of indoor and outdoor physical activities in our country.

Everyone is invited to learn a little about what is the Technological Innovation, Sports, Health and Leisure Award, and the countless associated opportunities ….

More: https: https://www.premioinovacaotecnologica.com/

Training & Mentoring session – Making impact on the sports industry through the social entrepreneurship – May 11, 2021

The social role of sport enterprises is being increasingly recognized at both local and global levels. Sport can influence community cohesion, physical and mental health, social inclusivity, and provides positive role models across society.

More businesses in sport are incorporating these social aspects into their plans as a way of differentiating themselves from their competitors. This, in turn, has led to more social innovation in sport. Recently, there has been more emphasis on social entrepreneurship in sport due to the growing need to capture its societal impact.

That´s why, we invite you to attend our next training and mentoring session on “Making impact on the sports industry through the social entrepreneurship” offered by German Otalora, LATAM Director, Microsoft Airband Initiative

Date: May 11

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 (Madrid time) 

Place: Microsoft Teams

You can register for the session here:


German is the Director for Latin American in Microsoft Airband Initiative, where he dedicates most of his time to consolidate alliances between the public and private sectors, NGOs and the Academia, that bring connectivity with a purpose to the less favoured communities of Latin American rurality. He joined Microsoft in 2015 after a successful career in the consulting business, having worked for multinational firms such as PwC where he led a 30+ consulting team.

As an avid traveler, German is very familiar with the social and economic situation of rurality in Latin America and has won many awards and recognitions for his hard work and dedication connecting the unconnected.

German earned a degree in Industrial Design (2001) and a master’s degree in Business Administration (2015) from University of Los Andes. He currently lives in Bogota, Colombia with his wife, two children and a Boston Terrier named Lupita.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from German, join this session!

FÓRUM ECONÔMICO ESPORTE FITNESS – acontece on-line no próximo dia 08/05/21

O inesperado surgimento da pandemia de Covid-19 criou um mundo novo, de dúvidas, incertezas e prejuízos incalculáveis à economia, saúde e negócios. Exatamente no momento em que o conceito da importância das atividades físicas ganhava impulso, com o crescimento do número de academias e de profissionais de Educação Física, o impacto da imediata paralisação obrigatória dessas atividades surpreendeu a categoria, provocando a perda ou diminuição de renda e interrompendo projetos.

Decorridos alguns meses, estudiosos começaram a descobrir novos caminhos desse importante segmento para a saúde da população, através da troca de experiências entre conceituados experts dos segmentos que compõem a atividade, surgindo assim o projeto para realizar este Fórum Econômico Esporte Fitness. O evento será totalmente online e gratuito, sendo obrigatória a inscrição.

Reunirá profissionais do segmento e da indústria do esporte.

Inscrições: https://www.premioinovacaotecnologica.com/

Maiores Informações: https://www.forumeconomicoesportefitness.com

Remember that FootballCan 2041 call is still open!

Banco Santander and the Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft(GSIC) launched FootballCan 2041 on March 17 with an aim to detect innovative solutions in areas such as Fan Engagement and Smart Stadium, as well as solutions from any other area that can make a social impact on football. Even if for now you don’t work on challenges such as Inclusion, Diversity and Sustainability, we can help you to figure out during the process, how you could make a social impact as well.

What we want to achieve is:promote initiatives for more accessible, inclusive and environmentally friendly events for football fans;develop new experiences at football events and improve fan experience to have a positive social impact; andextend the scope of Fieeld and improve its capabilities. Fieeld is a device Santander has developed so visually impaired people can experience football like never before by following the ball using their fingertips. Participants can leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, and the Internet of things to submit initiatives, experiences and/or technological solutions that improve football. 


In this delicate moment of the global economy, this is a unique opportunity for the participants of the event to know and understand how to access resources available from the BRICS bank, which is the New Development Bank (NDB) , which aims to provide financial support to infrastructure projects and sustainable development, public or private, to the member countries of the group ( Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ) and in other emerging economies and developing nations.

8H45 – 19H45 (CHINA) | 07H45 – 08H45 (BRASIL) | PANEL – Technical procedures to apply NDB financing

1) Mrs. Claudia Prates | Director General, American Regional Office of NDB – New Development Bank 
2) Mrs. Maria Luisa Cravo Wittenberg | Investment Manager of APEX-BRASIL
3) Mr. Roberto Paranhos | President of Chamber of Commerce Brasil-India 
4) Mrs. Prerna Soni | Senior Assistant Vice President – Investment India 5) Mr. Ricardo Silva | Director of International Relations – Abriesp & CEO of SSTUDIO 6) Mr. Ronaldo Cury De Capua | Institutional Relations Director at Cury Construtora 

Telephone: +55 (11) 95081-4055

Email: secretaria.bricsiif@gmail.com

Andorra Sports Startups Challenge – 2021.

Andorra Sports Startups Challenge continues to receive application till December 13 and today we are happy to announce our jury line up for the final pitch of top 10 finalist on January 27, 2021.

Amazing jury line up for Andorra Sports Startups Challenge that we organizard with @IniciativaActua! There is still time to apply to participate till Dec 13, so don’t miss your chance.



Mr. Marcos Troyjo | President of NDB – New Development Bank
Mr. Ricardo Silva | CEO of SSTUDIO
Mrs. Claudia Prates | Director General, American Regional Office of NDB – New Development Bank
Mrs. Prerna Soni | Senior Assistant Vice President – Investment India
Mr. Roberto Paranhos | President of Chamber of Commerce Brasil-India
Mrs. Maria Luisa Cravo Wittenberg | Investment Manager of APEX-BRASIL


Telephone: +55 (11) 95081-4055

E-mail: secretaria.bricsiif@gmail.com


Mrs. Nicole Schmitt | Head of Project Group Exhibition and Group Director bauma NETWORK

Mr. Gilberto Moura | The Consul-General of Brazil in Shanghai

Mr. Sergio Segovia | President of APEX-BRASIL

Mr. Mauricio Fernandez | President of ABRIESP

Mr. Rolf Pickert | CEO at Messe Muenchen do Brasil

Telephone: +55 (11) 95081-4055