07h00 Brasília time – BRASIL | 6 pm Shanghai time – CHINA

In this delicate moment of the global economy, this is a unique opportunity for the participants of the event to know and understand how to access resources available from the BRICS bank, which is the New Development Bank (NDB) , which aims to provide financial support to infrastructure projects and sustainable development, public or private, to the member countries of the group ( Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ) and in other emerging economies and developing nations.


The Forum will be held on November 25 and will bring together representatives of NDB – Banco BRICS , the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) , entrepreneurs in the infrastructure and construction sector and the main players in the Chinese and Brazilian markets. , supported by the edition of Bauma China , the largest fair in the construction machinery sector in the world, which is organized by Messe Munchen and takes place from 24 to 27 November in Shanghai .

Bauma was created over 50 years ago and is the leading trade show for the entire construction machinery and materials industry in China and across Asia. The last event again broke all records and Bauma China gave impressive evidence of its status as the largest and most important event in the sector on the Asian continent, also being present in the markets of the BRICS countries.

The purpose of this event is to allow participants, through three online panels, to understand the available credit lines and what are the necessary procedures to be followed to then submit their projects to the NDB , and, after analyzed and approved, be able to obtain financing. The forum also aims to show the work being done by Apex-Brasil in promoting exports, internationalization and investments, in addition to the presence of institutions and entrepreneurs representing the Infrastructure and Construction Industry to discuss the existing business possibilities between countries BRICS members.


Wednesday, November 25



1) Mr. Marcos Troyjo | President of NDB – New Development Bank
2) Mrs. Nicole Schmitt | Head of Project Group Exhibition and Group Director bauma NETWORK
4) Mr. Sergio Segovia | President of APEX-BRASIL 
5) Mr. Gilberto Moura | The Consul-General of Brazil in Shanghai
6) Mr. Rolf Pickert | CEO at Messe Müenchen do Brasil 

7) Mr. Mauricio Fernandez | President of ABRIESP

18H45 – 19H30 (CHINA) | 07H45 – 20H30 (BRASIL) | PANEL – Technical procedures to apply NDB financing

1) Mrs. Claudia Prates | Director General, American Regional Office of NDB – New Development Bank 
2) Mrs. Maria Luisa Cravo Wittenberg | Investment Manager of APEX-BRASIL
3) Mr. Roberto Paranhos | President of Chamber of Commerce Brasil-India 
5) INDIA INVESTMENT | To be informed

6) Mr. Ricardo Silva | Director of International Relations – Abriesp & CEO of SSTUDIO

19H30 – 21H00 (CHINA) | 08H30 – 10H00 (BRASIL) | PANEL – Brazilian and Chinese companies possibilities

1) Mr. Zhang Qiang | General Manager of The China National Sports Technology the new subsidiary of CNSG – China National Sports Group
2) Mr. José Roberto Geraldine Junior | President of CAU / SP – São Paulo State Council for Architecture and Urbanism
3) Chinese representative of industry | To be informed
4) Mr. Sérgio Schildt | President of Recoma Construções Comércio e Indústria
5) Chinese construction association | To be informed
6) Dr. Day Neves Bezerra Neto | Head of the São Paulo Unit of the international law firm MANUCCI ADVOGADOS
7) MR. Sérgio Cançado | Executive Director of ADN Construtora e Incorporadora



The intention of this project, which starts now in China, is to expand this Forum to the other BRICS member countries, following the international calendar of Bauma and Messe Munchem (partners in this initiative) during the year 2021.



Telephone: +55 (11) 95081-4055

Email: secretaria.bricsiif@gmail.com

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