Solutions for Fan Engament

It looks like some things are starting to go back to normal, and we feel it now specially with LaLiga returning next week! We are happy about it and are keen to see how their re-opening will look like.

That´s why, we believe it’s a good moment for us to talk about what solutions can be used by sports entities to stay connected with their fans and provide them the best experience.

R+D at the service of the sports industry in COVID-19 crisis

Since the COVID-19 crisis has begun, GSIC have been analysing its impact from different angles talking to tech companies and sports organizations from all over the world. And now, to have the complete picture on what is going on in the industry, would like to see how research and development, as well as educational sector are helping the industry in these times and how they prepare youth and adult learners for a dynamic world is now more important than ever. 

For that, GSIC inbited partner’s universities to share some of their experiences in how they have re-invented teaching, learning and assessment, as well as to share their own technological developments.

El futuro de los eventos deportivos en Latam

Se ha dicho mucho en los últimos meses sobre el impacto que la crisis COVID-19 está teniendo en la industria del deporte. Si bien la situación está evolucionando de manera diferente en cada país, aún es difícil afirmar con certeza lo que nos espera una vez que terminen todos los bloqueos y restricciones.

A pesar de eso, todas las organizaciones deportivas en todo el mundo han estado trabajando estas semanas para elaborar un plan de acción para ver cuáles son sus próximos desafíos y cómo pueden abordar la “nueva normalidad”.

Similar a nuestro evento de la semana pasada con la región de Asia, nos gustaría echar un vistazo a lo que está sucediendo en América Latina y centrar nuestra atención en uno de los temas más preocupantes que es cómo será la reapertura de los deportes después del COVID.

Para eso, hemos invitado a algunas de las entidades deportivas más relevantes de la región de Latam el jueves 21 de mayo a las 15:00 a.m. (hora de Madrid) para ofrecer una discusión abierta con los mejores expertos de la industria.

Regístrate aquí para la sesión ->

Sports Industry Digital Transformation Online Forum

At the GSIC powered by Microsoft we continue improving and developing our content program in order to add you more value and provide useful insight on the sports industry from different branches and perspectives.

That’s why on April 27 we are launching our new Sports Industry Digital Transformation Online Forum that will consist of a series of conferences related to the sports such as tennis,basketball, motorsport, and football, as well as there will be one session on multisport.

So, we can all explore how the digital transformation is driven by the leading sports entitiesin these sports, what results they achieve and what’s their plans the future. Within all the 5 sessions we will try to cover important matters starting from these entities’ strategic vision and getting to their actual work on smart facilities, fan experience, performance, business insights & productivity, etc.

With this new initiative we aim to contribute to the development and professionalization of the sports industry, and in addition, to bring exceptional content to GSIC members as well as new opportunities to network and facilitate business.

We invite you to attend the first session “Past, Present and Future of Tennis: main challenges for moving forward” will take place on April 27 at 15:00 (CET).
Register for the session to receive a calendar invite filling in THIS FORM