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In this delicate moment of the global economy, this is a unique opportunity for the participants of the event to know and understand how to access resources available from the BRICS bank, which is the New Development Bank (NDB) , which aims to provide financial support to infrastructure projects and sustainable development, public or private, to the member countries of the group ( Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ) and in other emerging economies and developing nations.

8H45 – 19H45 (CHINA) | 07H45 – 08H45 (BRASIL) | PANEL – Technical procedures to apply NDB financing

1) Mrs. Claudia Prates | Director General, American Regional Office of NDB – New Development Bank 
2) Mrs. Maria Luisa Cravo Wittenberg | Investment Manager of APEX-BRASIL
3) Mr. Roberto Paranhos | President of Chamber of Commerce Brasil-India 
4) Mrs. Prerna Soni | Senior Assistant Vice President – Investment India 5) Mr. Ricardo Silva | Director of International Relations – Abriesp & CEO of SSTUDIO 6) Mr. Ronaldo Cury De Capua | Institutional Relations Director at Cury Construtora 

Telephone: +55 (11) 95081-4055


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